Appreciation Boxes: Housewarming Gift

Appreciation Boxes: Housewarming Gift


This is the perfect gift to help your clients new home feel like their own with these handcrafted items.

T H I S  12 x 13 x 6  B O X  I N C L U D E S :

"Home Sweet Home" Mini Wood Sign - Each 6.25"x5.5" handcrafted sign is unique due to the wonderful nature of wood. 

2 Pack Eco Dishcloth | Swedish Dish Sponge - biodegradable eco-friendly dishcloths!

These dishcloths are durable, reusable and can replace up to 15 rolls of paper towels! They are highly absorbent which makes them perfect to tackle any mess in the kitchen, bathroom or general house cleaning!

Natural Bread Bowl - The small bread bowl brings a touch of rustic style to the home.  This versatile piece is perfect as a convenient catch-all for your keys and the mail, or as storage for bath linens and more. Each bowl is hand carved and uniquely made. 20 Inch.

Freeze Dried Icecream Scoops - Moon Munchies creates freeze-dried candy, fruits, and much more! By doing this we intensify the flavours and provides a whole new way to enjoy your snacks. 

Honey Mead Caramel Candies - Created with local Ontario Honey, the Honey Mead caramel has all the amazing flavours of the Sea Salt caramel with extra notes of honey. Simply delicious.

Row House Chocolate bars: Newfoundland Chocolate Company Row House thank you pure milk chocolate bar 42G

Dish Soap: Bergamot + Lime - Eco-Sustainable natural cleaning products that are safe for you, your home and the earth. 500ml Refillable glass jar

Hand soap: Blood Orange - Eco-Sustainable natural cleaning products that are safe for you, your home and the earth. The Hand Soap thoroughly cleans while being gentle on your skin. This plant-powered goodness will leave your hands feeling fresh and clean, never dry! Scented using Organic essentials oils. 250ml Refillable Glass Bottle. - BIODEGRADABLE - PHOSPHATE + DYE-FREE - NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS - MADE IN CANADA

CHAMPAGNE POWDER Soy Candle - pink sugar + champagne.This candle is a toast to the special moments in life and the people we celebrate those moments with.

Wooden Matches - 10 x 3" black tip matches, striker paper and a glass jar with cork stopper. Even though it's a cute and cozy add-on to your space, always keep away from children of course.

Living Apothecary Tranquil Tea - passionflower, lavender, holy basil, rose

A tea tonic that is meant to provide stillness and strength. A floral, uplifting blend infused with the strength of holy basil to carry us through the most trying times.

  • feels: strength, stillness
  • tastes: floral, rosy, earthy

This blend is an herbal tea also known as an herbal infusion. Made from dried leaves, flowers and fruits of differing plants. It is 100% caffeine-free and can be enjoyed at any time of the day.