Our Story

Thistle & Clover | Calgary AB.

Born and raised Calgarians, we have been together for more than 25 years and have three amazing children. Our family has traveled our country from west to east and back again. We have seen many unique things this country has to offer, and we want to offer them to you. We strongly believe in supporting local business – from here at home in Alberta, to right across Canada.  

About Jennifer

…in her words

“I’m more modern with a love of simple elegance. This definitely reflects in the goods I’m sharing with you, so you can give your space the modern touch you feel it deserves.”

About Tracy

…in his words

“While I appreciate modern touches, I like to bring that touch of yesterday to a home. I love to offer antiques and collectibles that you can choose from, to bring that air of character and nostalgia to your living space.”